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Child-Pugh score (PRO-version)

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This is the full version of the program ( by purchasing you will receive the following benefits:No adsExport resultsOpportunity to donate to developerThe minimum possible price on Google Play (30% is the commission Google)ATTENTION! This program is a professional medical calculator and intended for use only health care professionals.
In medicine (gastroenterology), the Child-Pugh score (sometimes the Child-Turcotte-Pugh score) is used to assess the prognosis of chronic liver disease, mainly cirrhosis. Although it was originally used to predict mortality during surgery, it is now used to determine the prognosis, as well as the required strength of treatment and the necessity of liver transplantation.
The proper support for devices with different screen sizes (including tablet PC) has been done.
The application is available in the following languages:- English- Russian- German- Spanish - Italian - Portuguese - Polish- Dutch________________________________Example of detailed test repor*t:
Patient's ID: Smith J. Date & Time: 27/12/2014 13:43________________________________Test: Child-Pugh score________________________________ANSWERS: TOTAL BILIRUBIN: More than 50 μmol/lSERUM ALBUMIN: 28 - 35 g/lINR: 1,7-2,3ASCITES: Moderate to SevereHEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY: Grade I-II (or suppressed with medication)RESULTS:12 points on the Child-Pugh score: CLASS C, One year survival 45%, Two year survival 35% ________________________________
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